Planting a tree is a great way of making a lasting difference to our environment. By using carbon dioxide and replacing it with oxygen trees help us breathe and will do so for generations to come.

Willow Burn Wood offers the first opportunity of its kind in the North East.  It is newly designed for people to sponsor tree planting on a scale that will truly make a difference.  Within a very short time it will become a attraction that will be used and loved by people and the wildlife it will support.

So what better way to play an active part in saving our environment than to sponsor a tree?  You can watch it grow as part of woodland and know that it that will deliver benefits now and long into the future.


Weddings – Celebrate the most important day in your life by sponsoring a tree as a symbol of your enduring love – or sponsor a tree as a wedding gift, a gift that will grow in strength as the marriage grows. Sponsor a tree now

Births – Welcome to the world! Sponsoring a tree is a great way to mark the coming of a new baby – both signify our stake in the future. Sponsor a tree now

Birthdays – We all know that finding that perfect gift is often a challenge. Sponsorship of a tree is a gift that everyone can appreciate.
Sponsor a tree now

Celebrate Life – When a loved one is lost there is little we can do to ease the pain for those left behind.  Sponsoring a tree can signify many things.
Sponsor a tree now