Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate SponsorshipCorporate Sponsorship

A corporate presence and company involvement for you and your colleagues in Willow Burn Wood can become a reflection of the present, and your commitment to the future.

Willow Burn Wood is a new wood; created from beautiful native trees, predominantly Quercus Robur and Quercus Petraea, more commonly known as English and Sessile Oaks. It is an accessible programme where the difference you make is visible, physical and local and has been made possible by the support of Sir Tom Cowie.

This sustainable initiative reflects the importance of treasuring life and is the first time a wood creation initiative has been used to provide income directly for a hospice; Willow Burn.

Try our Carbon Calculator and see where your business stands in its Carbon Footprint

Reasons to join

Trees can compensate for the carbon dioxide you generate ‘doing business’, by absorbing carbon dioxide, to produce oxygen and grow. Planting trees is one of the easiest ways to offset your carbon footprint and take the road to becoming carbon neutral.

  • Offsets CO2 emissions
  • Provides and extends existing wildlife habitats
  • Enhances the natural landscape
  • Engages your employees in support of local charities
  • Demonstrates support for people and the wider community
  • Join us on a Tree Planting Day and plant your own trees or …we will do it for you
  • Each tree you sponsor will absorb around 1 tonne of carbon dioxide a year, less as juveniles, more as mature trees

To become a part of this, or for more information you can email us here, or ring Crystal Booth on 01207 523900

Support Us

This is an opportunity for your company to make a bold statement of commitment to the future, concern for humanity and desire to make a real impact on the environment as well as supporting your local hospice. Choose your level of membership from the following:


116 or 86 oak trees planted in your individually-named wood - £10,000

For Gold Leaf members only, we can organise planting days during each planting season so your team can come along and work together to plant groups of trees. It may not be possible to accommodate large numbers but please forward an enquiries to


60 oak trees planted in your individually-named wood - £6,000


10 oak trees planted in your company name – £1,000

A Unique Gift

In return for your commitment you will be able to link your company to the Willow Burn Wood network of supporters. You will receive a locally commissioned unique piece of hand-made green glass artwork; a 'leaf' of varying sizes depending on your chosen level of sponsorship with either a gold, silver or bronze lustre and seated on a glass stand (see image above or our gallery ). This beautifully crafted individual piece has been created by Janet Rogers, a renowned North East glass artist.

Janet Rogers works between her gallery / workshop in Durham City and a heavy engineering company in Spennymoor which houses her larger kiln. Janet is a self taught glass artist working in kiln fused, leaded stained glass and Pate de Verre. She works full time designing and producing commissions for domestic and commercial projects around the UK. Her product range is original and never repeated, making each item individual.

“My work combines traditional craftsmen’s techniques with bold modern designs to produce vibrant works with a contemporary feel. Working with high quality art glass allows a massive colour palette which reflects in the quality of the finished product.”

Your Carbon Footprint

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