The Grower

The GrowerThe Grower

Peter Facey is the man responsible for growing the trees planted in Willow Burn Wood.  He is the proprietor of Butterwick Trees near Sedgefield.

After a lifetime of growing trees, Peter started Butterwick Trees; he has drawn upon his huge depth of experience to grow the very best plants.

Cell grown in large 230 cc cells, each plant is strong, sturdy, and grown in its own plug of compost. Fertiliser is mixed with the compost so the plant will establish and grow well in the first year.

Cell grown trees can be planted over a long planting season (September to May). All plants are grown from locally collected seed giving excellent biodiversity and are thus fully acclimatised to North East England.

The nursery, however, is about more than trees! Peter has decided to pass on his own knowledge to the next generation of tree growers. Peter teaches people to grow trees and how to work in the nursery business. Local schools are welcomed with the aim of enthusing and educating children, parents and teachers about the trees and how they help the environment.

When you sponsor a tree in Willow Burn Wood you get Peter’s wealth of expertise and help.  He knows exactly what, when and how to plant. Any tree you choose has been cared for and nurtured carefully by experts. Your trees will help the environment and the life of generations that follow, but more than that, the growing of your trees takes place in an environment that helped, nourished and encouraged people.